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Block Dude for PC 1.1

In Block Dude for PC you must get to the door at the end of each level
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Block Dude for PC is a platform game, where you get to the door at the end of each level.
To do this, you will need to control a character using the cursor movement keys. Your character will need to pick up blocks, move, reposition, climb and walk over them, until he finally gets to the door.

Block Dude for PC is a clone of the Block Dude game made by Brandon Sterner for the TI-83 calculator.

The game includes 8 level packs. You can use any of these packs, edit them with the included level editor, or create your own levels, using the same editor. This program will allow you to draw the levels that you want to create, placing the player, door and blocks where you like, naming the levels and creating a set of levels that you can then save to your disk or share with friends. The Level Editor even allows you to block your created levels with a password.

All the levels included in the game can be solved. Sometimes you will have to move blocks several times, in order to be able to climb them and this way close the gaps that the maze can show. You will get a score calculated depending on the difficulty of the level and the time you spend to solve it.

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